Tough Yet Delicate, Concrete Jewellery For The Modern Woman In You

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For most women, flirty and delicate pieces of jewellery define their personality whereas some women look for more sturdy and creative options to suit their style. If you belong to the latter group, we have something for you! One of the most trending and newest jewellery-making techniques of the year was undeniably concrete jewellery. Now, we know something as delicate as earrings and bracelets doesn’t really coincide with an industrial material like concrete and that’s exactly why it’s becoming popular. This trend marries a tough material with delicate jewellery designs to create absolutely unique and creative pieces. Have a look at it yourself!

 “Wings Micro EarringsConcrete lends the pieces a unique soft grey hue, a distinctive smooth texture and also provides the requisite strength for them to last a lifetime. These miniscule earrings have been made with precision, “attending to the finest details and maintaining a smooth texture.

2. Stairs Micro Earrings

Beautifully designed, these earrings carve out the depth and dimensions of an element of architecture we all are familiar with, staircases. Concrete has incredibly beautiful aesthetics and can do lot more as a material than we always thought.

3. Step-well Micro Cufflink

This pair of cufflinks resembles a famous architecture- step wells or garden fountains. These are not like your everyday cufflinks, neither in their design nor in the material they use. These will accompany you in the most formal gatherings, taking your style up a notch.

4. Long Earrings

This technique combines both the raw material of creating architectures and the architectural design in the most unexpected way to create these distinctive pieces of jewellery. These are extremely minimal, polished and inarguably stylish. Attention has also been given to create a multi-dimensional design that plays with light and shadow.

5. Well Micro Earrings

Resembling a well, these earrings bring a whole new edge and appeal an otherwise ordinary ensemble. Pair them with your outfits for a clean and beautiful look. These also make for great conversation starters.

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