Just 2 Ingredients Make Your Hair Long And Black

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Generally whenever hair fall starts we generally go for shampoo change or hair oil change but generally here many of them make lot of mistakes in selecting corect hair oil , Confusing? Here will be in explained answer for you..Whwn we consider oily hair oil we have to use shampoo or hair oil which reduces excess oil and maintains oil balance in that due course if any person uses thick castor oil without carrier oil then a person may get dandruff problem

In the same way if a person have dry and frizzy hair and even if he uses shikakay it makes more dry so “For nice hair growth selection of shampoo  and hair oil makes lot of diffrence”

so today we are discussing about 2 major tips for hair growth which suits for any type of hair texture
Tip:-1 Take 4 table spoons of castor oil and pour into tight glass jar in meanwhile boil some water now place this castor oil glass jar in that water and stop that boiling water then after 2mins mix 1 table spoon of aloe veera gel apply it and keep it for 1hour and wash it with mild shampoo

Tip2:- Take 3 table spoons of castor oil and 6 table spoons of virgin coconut oil and 5 drops of rosemary oil mix 3 contents well and now apply leave it over night..get smooth and silky hair

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