Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Faces Bribery Charges From Parents Of Deceased 7-Year-Old

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Fortis Hospital, which has been accused of sheer negligence for the death of a 7-year-old girl, said on Thursday that they had not offered any kind of bribe to child’s father. The girl was being treated for dengue but died in the hospital. According to the statement given by the hospital, they have stressed on denying any allegations of their bribing Jayant Singh (the father). However, they agreed to offer a refund for the over the pocket expenses which were incurred by the family. It was on Wednesday that Singh alleged the hospital to offer him money so that he stops his social media campaign.The girl passed away after her spending 15 days at Fortis hospital, Gurgaon. The father was outraged by the fact that the hospital couldn’t save his daughter despite paying a huge amount of money. He alleged that a sum total of Rs 10,37,889 was offered by the

“hospital in order to refund the money he had spent. In addition this, he also mentioned that the hospital had offered another sum of Rs 25 lakh on top of the aforementioned amount. He mentioned how the hospital had asked him to sign documents and have a legal agreement with hospital, which assured that he could stop his social media campaign and taking any further action against the hospital.”

The case came into the limelight when the parents were shown a bill of Rs 16 lakh for their daughter’s 15 day stay at the hospital, and the fact that they were allowed to shift from the hospital only after they paid the full amount.

Media reports suggest that the bill, which was 19-page long, shows the parents being charged for 661 syringed and 2,700 gloves which were a part of the treatment of the child’s dengue. The father alleged that he had paid the full and accused the hospital for further inflating the bill and imposing arbitrary costs. He was even more outraged and disappointed by the fact that hospital authorities couldn’t give any proper treatment to his daughter as there were no doctors available to look after her on the weekends.

Adya Singh, daughter of Dwarka-based IT professional Jayant Singh, was admitted to Fortis Hospital on August 31 with ‘severe dengue’, which later progressed to ‘dengue shock syndrome’.

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